Maggie Graham

Team Captain Porter Novelli New York / Chicago Walk In Her Shoes 2018

Dear Friends, Family, & Lovely Strangers,

Last year was my first experience raising awareness for CARE’s Walk In Her Shoes fundraising campaign. It was an incredible opportunity to work on behalf of women and girls around the world. In November 2017, I was lucky enough to see CARE's work on the ground in Ecuador - where they work each and every day to help victims of gender based violence. So here I am again in 2018...

Through Walk In Her Shoes, I am raising money to support CARE’s community-based efforts to improve education, health and economic opportunity for girls and women, which in turn helps their entire families emerge from poverty. 
Please join me in supporting CARE’s work around the globe to save lives, defeat poverty and achieve social justice. Every (literally ... every) single bit helps! So dig deep and give what you can.
Thank you for joining me! Together we are making a difference...




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