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Team Captain Tired Feet, Rested Souls Walk In Her Shoes 2018

Dear Friends:

Many of you are aware that I traveled to Ecuador in January with CARE. The purpose of this journey was to gather testimonials from some of the women with whom we work - maids who have been sexually and physically abused, threatened and disbelieved throughout their lifetimes while they struggle to make a life for themselves and their families in dire circumstances. In this moment of #MeToo and #TimesUp, it is important that we lift up the voices of survivors around the world and work together to make work a safe space for every woman, everywhere. You'll hear more about the stories of these incredible women, including Elizabeth and Alicia (pictured) in March, but for now please know that your support can help CARE make a difference in their lives by helping them learn their rights, organize and even change laws. Because rape should never be a part of any woman's job description.

With this in mind, I ask you to consider joining my team, donate, or start your own team as part of CARE’s Walk In Her Shoes fundraising campaign March 3, 2018. We walk in solidarity with the women and girls who bear the brunt of poverty. Many are stuck in a cycle of poverty because of the structural imbalances that prevent them from getting an education or force them to leave home for work at a very young age (these women started working at 10) when they are vulnerable to abuse and extortion. CARE works with these women, providing sustainable solutions to build their resiliency through education, business development, sustainable agriculture, organization strengthening and other support. Because when you empower women, you help lift entire communities out of poverty.

Please join me in supporting CARE’s work around the globe to save lives, defeat poverty and achieve social justice.
Thank you for joining my team and/or contributing whatever you can and share this page with others so they too can have an opportunity to make a difference.



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